Posted 12/03/2021 18:00

Welcome to the UK & Ireland Spring 2021 Finals!

One of our main principles is to ensure the safety and health of anyone involved, with this we have made the decision to hold the UKIN Spring Finals online in the best interest of our Players, Talent, Audience & Staff’s health.



After a remarkably close Summer season, Spring has truly surpassed it as the closest season we have seen with so many surprises and close games. At the end of the group stage Cowana Gaming top the charts with newcomers Wylde heading to finals as the 2nd placed team due to their head to head record with MnM Gaming.

Sadly, this meant that LDN Esports & Vexed Gaming are auto relegated down to the UKIN Second Division.


Playoffs changes up everything as our teams faced off in a Best of 3 over the regular seasons Best of 1. MnM Gaming were victorious over Audacity Esports while Demise fell to Natus Vincere.






The total prize pool for the UK & Ireland Nationals Spring 2021 Season is £25,000.


1st Place: £7500

2nd Place: £5500

3rd Place: £3500

4th Place: £2500

5th Place: £2000

6th Place: £2000

7th Place: £1250

8th Place: £750




We are excited to be using the Global Rainbow Six Twitch channel for our Finals broadcast and we're kicking off at 1pm GMT on Saturday 13th March and Sunday 14th March!



You can also keep up with all updates from the event on our UK social media channel @Rainbow6_UK.

If you want to interact with us on social media over the weekend, please use the hashtag #R6UKI.