Posted 24/07/2021 15:00

This week we sit down with Tenstar Coach KangruKenny.

We’re back with UKIN for Summer ‘21 and we’re going to sit down with community members, players and casters to discuss everything UKIN and Rainbow Six Siege!


This week we sit down with KangruKenny, one of our UKIN Summer ’21 Coaches.



So, to kick things off, for those who might not know you, who is KangruKenny? 

I'm quite new to the National scene, but I'm a player now turned coach who has a massive passion for Siege. I am so competitive in everything I do, which I why I love competing in Siege, it fuels my love for winning.



When were you first introduced to Rainbow Six Siege?

I've played Siege since the closed alpha of the game way back in 2015, albeit on Xbox. I played on Xbox for the first 5 years of the game, and then made the move to PC as I believed all the game knowledge that I had acquired over 5 years could be useful to compete against the very best.



How does it feel to be competing in UKIN this season? Where there any match ups you were especially excited for?

I love competition, and gamedays are just an incredible feeling that you can't feel anywhere else. I want to win, and I will do my upmost to make sure I feel that elation after a victory. I was very excited to face off against the EUL teams such as NaVi and Cowana. To compete against players that I have watched at the highest tier of Siege for years is honestly surreal to think about. Also to get such high praises from the likes of NaVi and Cowana after our respective games against them, is very humbling, as I know that the potential this roster possess is very high and it confirms that we are definitely on the right track as a team.



You have some very important matches coming up, how do you feel about them?

Our do-or-die game against Victus essentially decides who gets relegated down into UKIN2. If we win, we qualify for playoffs and if Victus win they qualify for playoffs. The losing team gets relegated. The stakes are very high but we know that we are ultimately a better team and deserve to stay up after our amazing efforts this season. We obviously just need to prove it on the day.



Create your own team - you are the coach, what 5 players are you picking up? It can be any player Pro or Am across the world.

Pino, Hyper, Fultz, Brid, Pengu. Personally, I think Pino is currently the best player in the world and HAS to be in any fantasy team. Hyper and Fultz are two players at the top of their game right now fragging wise. Brid and Pengu are the two best supports to ever play this game. This is a tricky question and people will probably question why I've left out the likes of Doki, CTZN, Shaiiko, Nesk & Paluh. But a team can't be made of 5 fraggers and I really like how consistently Hyper and Fultz play.



Any final comments or places for people to follow you?

I appreciate any support anyone has given me or the team during this season. I can't wait for the team to continue to improve over time and eventually be competitive for the Challenger League spot inside of UKIN. All my socials are "KangruKenny" (Twitch/Twitter etc) if you want to follow me. Love and positivity :)