Posted 03/07/2020 15:00
“I’m excited to see what every team has to show at the start of a new season, especially new ones, but notable teams for me are Vexed, Fierce, and MnM.”

Dez, you have been around the Esports space for a good few years now covering a load of games, what was behind your move to Rainbow Six Siege?

A few things:

  • - Opportunity. Siege was still in its infancy compared to other esports and I’ve always been late to the party in other scenes. I wanted to ride the rollercoaster with a fresh scene to be honest!
  • - Depth. Siege is, in my opinion, the most complex game out there. When you see pros saying that to this day they’re still finding new angles or ways of playing, that’s a sign of the possibilities. It reminds me a lot of my days in other titles but on steroids.
  • - Wanting to be based closer to home. Other games had me spending half the year in Ukraine with no scope to move upwards and whilst I enjoyed my time in the game, there are a lot of local opportunities (or one-off events) to get involved with in Siege.

I won’t sit here and pretend I’ve been a hardcore Siege player since day 1 - I haven’t been. I’m also a woeful FPS player haha. But if you can be as bad as me at shooting and still climb through communication and strategy, you’re speaking my language.

What teams are you excited for the new UK Ireland Nationals?

I’m excited to see what every team has to show at the start of a new season, especially new ones, but notable teams for me are Vexed, Fierce, and MnM.

We’ve seen you involved as a talent member for the EUL (congrats), what’s been the most exciting thing about the new season and with the new esports structure?

Thanks! The most exciting thing has been the massive step up when it comes to branding and global unification under the global rankings. I can’t wait for the first Major to kick off (once this whole global emergency has settled down).

A personal favourite is the varying format flavours we’re getting. Each region offers something different which I’m personally a fan of.

There has been some speak about your Cosplaying Mozzie, if you had the time to create the ultimate cosplay, what operator would you choose?

Mozzie. “Aussie on the Mozzie” is a favourite phrase Ace and I coined at SI2020 so would have to do it justice in the end wouldn’t I?

What’s your choice of video game console to bring to hotel rooms these days? (oh wait, we can’t ask about that? Damn…)

You have been involved with some great events and moments within Siege over the last year, what has been a stand out moment for you?

Easy one – SI 2020. Namely the introduction to the whole event. “The road to the Six Invitational has concluded”. Will never forget speaking those words – I was very lucky to be there. Outside of things I haven’t worked, the actual main event at SI was a hot favourite. The arena was incredible, meeting people from all over the world was amazing, plus dealing with the snow wasn’t as awful for a Brit as anticipated.

Create your own team – you are the coach, what 5 players are you picking up? It can be any players Pro or Am across the world

Hm. Too many reasons and too many choices, but LeonGids, ShepparD/Redgroove, BriD, AceeZ and Kanto. I’ve got a soft spot for Redgroove, I rate him. #eumassive