Posted 05/12/2020 15:00

This week we catch up with Artist and Videographer, renderific!

For those who might not know you, can you introduce just who is renderific?

Well, I’m Ellie. I am a 21 year old Media Production Graduate who you may have seen screaming on Twitter about Siege. I currently work as a freelance editor and artist.

You are very well known in the community for your art, what got you interested in Rainbow Six Siege?

I am terrible at most FPS games, anyone who knows me knows this; but Siege isn’t just an FPS game, it’s a game that you need to think about to succeed. Although my tactics aren’t perfect; the game makes me feel useful to my team even if I can’t hit my shots.

Asides from that, there are lots of characters, themes, ideas and designs that I enjoy within the game even if they aren’t intrinsically linked with the core gameplay. The way that some narrative is driven within Siege allows for people to fill in the gaps with their own interpretations and it’s really enriching and interesting to dive into as someone who loves stories. Although it’s not necessarily the biggest aspect of the game, I think the game wouldn’t be the same without it.

You were recently involved with the new Rainbow Six Siege Esports Calendar for Special Effect drawing both GiG and Shas, how did you find inspiration for your artwork?

I was really nervous, I had never drawn people so prominent in such a community for something like this. But I wanted to fill what space I had with not only references to the incredible talent of the coaches featured but general references to Siege and more, I hope people can spot a few things.

I was super happy with the art, and it’s for a good cause, I really hope that Shas and GiG liked it!  

Being a Rainbow Six Artist, when you are playing over designing, who are your go to operators?

I play a lot of trap operators on defence; I main Kapkan mostly, it always makes me smile that after 5 years there are still people that will know a Kapkan’s in play, forget and stroll into every bomb ever within 20 seconds left to go. So satisfying.

As for attackers, another Russian; Finka.  I love her, everyone hates her (well asides BikiniBodhi) but I love being able to help from afar and I think she can be utilized well.  Yes, I will die on this hill.

You were involved with “Under Siege” a Cosplayer short film, which saw known cosplayers in the scene coming together for a video, what was your involvement and inspiration for the project? 

I was the Writer, Director, Editor and Producer for the film. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to create it for my final year of university specialising in film production but I never thought it would have been picked up by the official UK page for a feature, it warmed my heart. 

My inspiration was the cosplay community, one of the most hardworking and underappreciated sub-groups of the Rainbow community. They put so much love and time into their work, it blew me away. I could never capture just how much detail and patience went into the props and costumes; but I wanted to try. 

Create your own team - you are the coach, what 5 players are you picking up? It can be any player Pro or Am across the world.

Literally just NA-VI but Kendrew is just three Dokis in a trench coat, but Kendrew is still there and it would confuse a lot of people, good times.

Any final comments or places for people to follow you?

I can be followed on most things under @renderific and @violens_film for my film crew!

As for final comments; I want to say thank you to my close friends who have been helping me through this pandemic, I wouldn’t be doing well without you. As for everyone else, stay healthy and don’t forget to give yourself a break in these trying times! Thanks!