Posted 09/01/2021 15:00

For our first article of 2021 we catch up with Caster Competition winner and UKIN Division 2 Caster Novicaine

For those who might not know you, can you introduce just who is Novicaine?
Hi there! My name is Morgan and I am a project management masters graduate, currently based in Manchester. I started out in esports 5 years ago with the Salford Esports society. My experience with that amazing group of people helped me discover my passion for esports. Now I am incredibly lucky to get to work as a shoutcaster!

What made you want to step into the world of casting?
Like all good things, it started out as a meme. I would troll my mates by casting them when they tried to clutch. Realised I kinda enjoyed it. The casting, not the trolling. Through casting, I get the best seat in the house. Watching players compete at a level I could never achieve and sharing my excitement with audiences at home is sick.

You recently joined the talent line-up for UKIN Second Division, how did you find the whole experience? 
I was nervous at first but as soon as the stream countdown hit 0, the nerves turned into pure adrenaline and I had an absolute blast! Gotta say it is impossible to overstate just how amazing all the production staff are behind the scene.

What teams are you excited to see in the upcoming UKIN Premier Division starting next Thurday?
A little bit biased as they came from UKIN 2 but Vexed. As someone who played in the university scene, seeing players I’ve competed against like Rezuko and Access getting to this stage is honestly amazing. And their journey there was dominant, they looked like they were on a whole different level. Which begs the question, how do they stack up against the talent in the Premier Division? That's what I want to find out.


When you are playing instead of casting who your go to operators for attack and defence?

On defence? My boy Mozzie, P10 Roni is too good. I’ve also been playing Aruni lately and am super excited to see how the pros utilise her. On attack? Finka because I suck and I can’t control recoil.

If you could cast a game of Rainbow Six with anyone, who would it be and why?
Jaime Muffet. The voice actor for Thatcher. How good would it be to hear Thatcher joke about the pros? Even better, get all the voice actors and actresses to cast an event in character! Ubisoft make it happen please!

Create your own team - you are the coach, what 5 players are you picking up? It can be any player Pro or Am across the world.
Can I play? Sub me in coach! I’d have to choose my old team, the 2019 Salford Lions. Temp, Voodoo, Brad and Vanquish (Honourable mention to our favourite admin SombreroBloke). They genuinely made me love this game and competing with them is the most fun I have ever had in esports.

Then, I’d stick Pengu as the coach. I reckon he’d only last one game cos we’d be so bad he couldn’t take it. However, the content of him 'coaching' us would be absolute gold. G2 you can thank me later.

Any final comments or places for people to follow you?
This community has been really welcoming so a big thank you to you all! If you want to follow me on Twitter its @NovicaineGG or on if you want to watch me int live.