Posted 12/09/2020 15:00

This week we catch up with up and comer and UKIN finals caster Fraser!

For those who might not know you, can you introduce just who is Fraser?

Hello there! I’m an analyst, commentator and a stats boi, working within the R6 competitive community. I started playing Siege during the Closed Beta, and I believe my first death was actually during an attempted hotbreach... I might’ve gotten the timing wrong!

What’s your favourite map and Operator?

Tough question... I’ve always been fond of Bank, as I love the focus on time appreciation and roam clearance, for Attacking teams! It’s terrific to see the approach that competitive teams bring to this map, in addition to its appeal for casual players. Operator-wise, I have to go with Valkyrie, and Buck! Two incredibly versatile Operators, with a lot of nuance and dynamics, with regards to the Gadgets.

I do have to shout out Tachanka... There’s nothing quite as satisfying, as spawnpeeking in a bright pink Unicorn outfit, with a beautiful wee sparkly rainbow weapon skin!

Over the last year you have been climbing the ladder of casting, what made you want to get into casting Rainbow Six Siege?

Well, I initially started out as an analyst for a few UK based teams, including UK Prem and CCSW. It was actually CCSW that gave me my first opportunity to get involved as a caster. I was brought on by Rob Walker, and Blondebond, and it was an incredible experience!

I’ve been interested in working on an analyst desk, ever since I first saw Zironicdk & Jess working the UK Prem desk, back in Spring 2019. It’s such a thrill, and being able to engage in an analytical discussion, that’s both informative and entertaining, sounded brilliant!

You recently joined the UKIN talent team for the summer season finals, how did you find that experience?

Exhilarating, and terrifying! I’ve had a keen eye on UKIN throughout the season, and I was thrilled to be asked to get involved. We’re incredibly lucky to have an experienced and talented lineup working on UKIN, and I learned quite a bit through them!

These National Leagues are the bread & butter of the competitive scene, and seeing some of these teams getting their first bites into the Finals, was terrific.

You also helped with coverage of the UKIN Summer Qualifiers and we recently announced the UKIN Second Division, what do you think of the UK’s up and coming players?

It’s important to support and develop the grassroots communities, as it really is the foundations of our scene! By setting up this Second Division, we’ll be ensuring the future of our playerbase is secure. I’m confident that with this addition, we can really tap into the potential and aspirations that countless players, teams and talent have, within the UK, and potentially abroad!

Create your own team - you are the coach, what 5 players are you picking up? It can be any player Pro or Am across the world.

Oh boy... Am I allowed to delegate this choice to somebody else? … No? Okay then!

Starting off with a bang, let’s go with our main entry frag: Beaulo. This guy has the experience, confidence and proficiency to really take point in a lot of engagements.

Second pick has to be Doki, he’s an invaluable asset to any team, provided he’s had his breakfast, and is having a good game! Doki is such a character, both ingame and out of game, and hopefully that’ll just emphasise that team chemistry!

Moving all the way over to Australia, we’ll be picking Lusty as our main support. Time and time again, he prioritises that OBJ, and gets the plant down. He’s solid on that frag game, and I’m confident he’d fit in perfectly!

Our last two players have to come over from LATAM, and I have my eyes on Mav & NESKGWA! It’s clear to see their impact on the scoreboards, and given the freedom to really let rip in match, I think they’d be unstoppable together on a double roam!

As a sidenote, if I’m able to pick up an Analyst too, then I’d have to go with Helbee. One of the most experienced and knowledgeable analysts within the scene, I’d trust him to provide that crucial analytical insight.

Any final comments or places for people to follow you?

Well, I’d just like to say that I was incredibly grateful for such a warm and supportive response, when it was announced I was casting the Finals! Coming in as a relative newcomer, I was a bit worried that people wouldn’t be too happy!

It meant the world to me, that so many members of our community were supportive of this, and I hope I was able to make a good impression to those that watched!!

I’m fairly active on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram! Feel free to check me out if you’d like, over at @FraserR6S.

Secondly to this, I stream on Twitch occasionally, link below!