Posted 23/08/2020 13:00

This week we sit down with Demo, one of the longest serving UK and Ireland casters!

For those who might not know you, can you introduce just who is Demo?

Demo is your resident sleeper caster, Meme connoisseur, Vigil main ranked troller and the best smile this side of the pond.

Who is your favourite operator and why?

Vigil is my go to op these days, the gun is the main selling point for me I love the K1A. His kit is well rounded with the 3 speed, impacts and the gadget enabling you to be immune to drones is great when your roaming (which I usually am to my teams displeasure). When I play Vigil I try and play him like a rat where I would hide in some random corner or under a desk and I'll just sit and wait to bait my team mates then grab a tasty 1v5 which I enjoy very much (Kendrew please don't hurt me).

What took you from a fan of playing Rainbow Six to casting it for nearly 3 years?

My origin story is a bit of a weird 1 and it all starts back on the box, I was playing xbox competitively and after leaving a team I was on I decided that I would give casting a shot. Never really thought anything of it at the time I just did it for fun. Then one thing leads to another and now I'm here.

We’ve seen you create some memorable memes over the years, any favourites?

Out of all the questions this has to be the toughest question. My meme addiction has grown over the past year and it is very tough to pick favourite. I think I can narrow it down to 2 memes, the first 1 has to be gordon ramsay's hell's kitchen where I pretty much summed up how well the EU teams did at invite. The second 1 would be my Avengers Prem Game, it was a real labour of love that took 4 days to make which included at least 20+ people who had to be placed on a variety of superheros.

You have been involved with every iteration of the UK National League from the ESL Prem on Console to UKIN, going on to cast the Minor with OGA and the Paris Major, has there been a standout moment for you?

I can't really pinpoint anything that I would say is a standout, I think everything is a standout. The fact that I've been this blessed to be involved in a multitude of stuff inside Rainbow Six is a standout in its own.

You have said yourself this season of UKIN is one of the most stacked, who is walking away with that victory?

I'll be honest with you I'm just going to answer this with a question mark, If the regular season is anything to base this season off then it will be unpredictable to all degrees so I'm not even going to bother to have a crack at predicting.

Create your own team - you are the coach, what 5 players are you picking up? It can be any player Pro or Am across the world.

For me I have to keep to my roots with a UK duo of Kendrew and LeonGids, I'm a big fan of Rampy so I have to include him, Shaiko is another god tier player that I would want to have, and finally Pasha from Virtus Pro. To round it of it has to be Shas as coach.